Wheelchair propulsion kinetics#

This dataset was recorded at the Mobility and Adaptive Sports Research Lab.

These are the 3D kinetics (3 forces, 3 moments) applied by a wheelchair user on an instrumented pushrim, during wheelchair propulsion from stop. Data are sampled at 240 Hz and are expressed as a TimeSeries.

Coordinate system: x is forward, y is upward, z is lateral, in the wheelchair reference frame.

TimeSeries contents#

Data key



Nx4 array consisting where each line is \([F_x, F_y, F_z, 0.0]\).


Nx4 array consisting where each line is \([M_x, M_y, M_z, 0.0]\).


  • kinetics_wheelchair_propulsion.ktk.zip: TimeSeries with the forces and moments, without events.

import kineticstoolkit.lab as ktk

filename = ktk.doc.download("kinetics_wheelchair_propulsion.ktk.zip")
kinetics = ktk.load(filename)