This dataset contains the raw electromyographic signal for the right biceps brachii during cyclic contraction/relaxing movements, recorded at the Mobility and Adaptive Sports Research Lab using a surface electrode (Delsys Trigno).


  • emg_biceps_brachii.csv: CSV file with two columns: time and data in volts.

import kineticstoolkit.lab as ktk
import pandas as pd

filename = ktk.doc.download("emg_biceps_brachii.csv")
dataframe = pd.read_csv(filename, index_col="Time")

  • emg_biceps_brachii.ktk.zip: The same data as a TimeSeries, interpolated on a constant sample rate.

filename = ktk.doc.download("emg_biceps_brachii.ktk.zip")
ts = ktk.load(filename)

TimeSeries with attributes:
         time: <array of shape (6534,)>
         data: <dict with 1 entries>
    time_info: {'Unit': 's'}
    data_info: {}
       events: []